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Join Our Loyalty Program!

Join Our Loyalty Program!

We asked you what you wanted and thousands of you replied, the overwhelming answer was a loyalty rewards scheme.

So we are thrilled to announce our Loyalty Program has officially launched! You can look forward to earning points to make great savings, which will come in handy especially with Christmas lurking in the distance!

There's a variety of way's to earn points and in this blog I will give you tips of the quickest way to earn yourself your first £5 OFF loyalty reward!

Follow these few steps and you'll get yourself £5 OFF without having to spend a penny! You just need to earn 500 points and you've earn't your £5 OFF!

1. Create an online account with our store - This earns you 100 points

2. Refer 2 friends and you'll get another 400 points

That's it! It's that simple to earn yourself £5 OFF!

There are greater rewards to save up for if you wanted, they include £10 OFF and £25 OFF, and the great news is there are so many easy ways to earn points quickly!

So what are you waiting for, get referring and get racking up those points!

Easy Peasy! 

  • July 29, 2017
  • Gift Hunter