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3 x Faith Hope Love Necklaces


Faith Hope Love Necklace... exclusive from Bonnevie Jewellery

This design comes with commemorative card, helping to empower and instill belief in ourselves and our loved ones.

"Hello everyone,

I'm one of the designers at Bonnevie Jewellery.

I just wanted to take the time to talk about this necklace and the reason why I designed it. It means Faith Hope and Love.

Recently my daughter has been struggling with bullying and mental health issues which as a mother is heart breaking to see.

Watching your child go through so much pain and upset and not being able to just make it all go away is devastating so I wanted to make this for her as a reminder that is she loved, never alone, that today was the day she worried about yesterday and she got through it.

I hope it can bring someone else who is dealing with mental health/bullying or grief a bit of hope that things will get better."

Faith Hope Love Necklace measures approx 51cm with extension upto 60cm

Comes in Rhodium zinc alloy 

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